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RichInStyle.com - copyright information

Rights in respect of HTML web pages

This site is copyright © 2000, RichInStyle.com. Your rights in respect of the site are limited to the viewing of pages in the site online. In addition to this right, you may save a copy of any of the pages onto your computer for the purposes of offline viewing, but you are only permitted to make one such copy; furthermore, you must not distribute this copy. Distribution of any of the pages in any form is strictly forbidden.

You are permitted to print out one copy of any of the pages, but you may not distribute or make further copies of this.

Rights in respect of style sheets or JavaScripts

You may not use any of the style sheets or JavaScripts unless an explicit message to the contrary is given.

If an explicit message to the contrary is given, you may use them for styling your pages. All other usages are prohibited. A non-exhaustive list of prohibited activities is:

  1. Distribution of the style sheets or JavaScripts in any form.
  2. Exposing the source code of the style sheets or JavaScripts, whether in your web pages or in any other form.

Rights in respect of modification of style sheets and JavaScripts

Provided you have permission to use a style sheet or JavaScript, you may modify it in any way, EXCEPT you must not alter, move or remove the copyright message or any message enclosed in '/*' '*/'; furthermore, you must not modify them if this is forbidden, either in the message with the file or in the accompanying page. For example, if a style sheet has the message /* A message */, you must not remove, move or alter the message or its enclosing /* */; all other modification is permitted.

If you modify it, you must indicate that you have done so by addition of this message: /* This is modified from the RichInStyle.com original */.

Rights in respect of other files

You may not distribute, modify or use any other files.

Linking to pages on the site

You are encouraged to link to any page in the site; however, you may only link to HTML files (such as this) - linking to style sheets, JavaScripts, images, cursors and audio files is prohibited.

Works derived from the contents of this site

All works derived from the contents of this site require prior permission from RichInStyle.com. If you wish to produce such a work, please send prior notification to licensing@richinstyle.com.

Incorporation of all or part of the contents of the site within your product

If you are interested in incorporating any part of the contents of this site within your product, you should contact licensing@richinstyle.com for terms.