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Welcome to RichInStyle.com's bug pages!

These provide the most complete bug information anywhere. Featuring:

  1. Bug pages - full text descriptions of every bug in every browser.
  2. The famed bug table - at-a-glance access to the information you need. In addition, each bug is individually linked to a full text description.
  3. The Bug Sheets - these demonstrate each bug.

If you want to know the number of people that a bug will affect, about 0.05% of people use IE 3 for the Mac, about 3% use IE 3 for the PC, about 36% use Netscape 4, about 28% IE 4 for the PC, and about 1% for the Mac, about 25% use IE 5. In addition, Netscape 3 and earlier, and IE 2 and earlier do not support style sheets at all.


Internet Explorer 3 bugs

Internet Explorer 4 bugs

Internet Explorer 5 bugs

Netscape 4 bugs

Mozilla 5 bugs

Opera 3 bugs

Opera 4 bugs

IE 4 bug sheet

IE 5 bug sheet

Mozilla 5 bug sheet

Opera 4 bug sheet