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RichInStyle.com test suite


Welcome to the RichInStyle.com test suite!

These test pages test every aspect of CSS 2.

Version 2

This is version 2 of the RichInStyle.com test suite. A very large number of changes have been made since version 1. To see them all, click here.

Available versions

There are two available versions of this test suite:

  1. the framed version
  2. the frame-free version

You may select whichever you choose; note that that the default is the frameless version.

Browser issues

This test suite has been optimized to work well on any browser; for example, IE 3 for Windows only supports one style sheet (through STYLE or LINK) at once - the test suite is designed to ensure that all tests work with IE 3. That said however, bear in mind that test pages, almost by definition, are supposed to stretch browsers to breaking point, so by trying any of the tests you run the risk that your computer might crash (this is only 'might' however - only one of the pages has been known to cause a crash - the long class test, which is clearly separated from the rest of the test suite, crashes Netscape 4.*.


Core tests

Attachment of style to pages

Application of styles to pages

Key concepts

Color and background




Box model

Advanced tests



Generated content

Dynamic effects


Paged media


Aural style sheets

Language styles