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RichInStyle.com - philosophy


RichInStyle.com is committed to the promotion of web standards. It is designed to provide information for browser manufacturers so that they can make their browsers conform with web standards; examples of material that should help in this respect includes the test pages and bug lists, which, if used, will ensure that browsers are entirely bug-free.

Because to date the browser makers have failed to release bug-free browsers, RichInStyle.com is also dedicated to providing information for site authors - information allowing you to take advantage of the standards without fear of problems with the browsers. It aims to provide complete bug lists for each browsers so that you can use style with confidence.


RichInStyle.com is committed to enhancing accessibility for all users of the world wide web. By promoting the use of accessible style sheets, people with vision difficulties will find that the web becomes an easier place to navigate and enjoy. For users that suffer from color blindness, RichInStyle.com promotes the MySite technology, which allows users to select the color scheme and font sizes that they feel most comfortable with.


RichInStyle.com provides people with the information they need concerning the web technologies that matter. In order to ensure that as many people understand the technologies as possible, it provides easy to understand guides to learning and using them in the real world.

Better web sites

By promoting the use of technologies that empower designers to achieve such things as leading, proper borders, etc., RichInStyle.com hopes to be able to improve websites the world over.