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RichInStyle.com tests: multiple classes 2

  1. Red, 24px and bold (.and {color: red} .pink {font-size: 24px} .roger {font-weight: bold} class="pink and roger")

  2. 24px and red. class="dog biscuit" P.dog.biscuit {font-size: 24px; color: red}

  3. Not 24px or red. class="dog" .dog.class {color: red; font-size: 24px}

  4. Not 24px or red. class="wally rargh" .wally.class {color: red; font-size: 24px}

  5. Green, not red; 24px, not 12px. class="x y" .y {color: red} .x.y {color: green; font-size: 24px} .x {font-size: 12px}