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RichInStyle.com tests: user interface colors

Future compatibility test

If these tests are not passed, future values will cause problems (note that this test is spanned by a green DIV element to test reversion).

  1. This has color: background; color: cheeseburger. Therefore it should be this color.

  2. This has color: red; color: cheeseburger. Therefore it should be red.

Non-destruction test

  1. This should be the color of the appworkspace; failing that, blue. color: blue; color: appworkspace

User interface colors

The following should be the colors listed:

  1. ActiveBorder; the color of the border of an active window

  2. ActiveCaption; the color of the caption (title) of an active window

  3. AppWorkspace; Background color of the app's multi-document-interface

  4. Background; desktop background

  5. ButtonFace; Button background

  6. ButtonHighlight; Dark shadow color

  7. ButtonShadow; Button shadow color

  8. ButtonText; Button text color

  9. CaptionText; color of text in captions, size box and scrollbar arrow box

  10. GrayText; color of disabled items

  11. Highlight; background color of a selected item in a control

  12. HighlightText; text color of a selected item
  13. InactiveBorder; color of the border of an inactive window

  14. InactiveCaption; the background color of inactive captions

  15. InactiveCaptionText; the text color of inactive captions

  16. InfoBackground; tooltip background color

  17. Menu; menu background color

  18. MenuText; menu text color

  19. Scrollbar; the area in which the scroller is dragged

  20. ThreeDDarkShadow; the dark shadow of 3d display elements

  21. ThreeDFace; the background of 3d display elements

  22. ThreeDHighlight; the dark shadow of 3d display elements

  23. ThreeDLightShadow; the light shadow of 3d display elements

  24. Window; window background

  25. WindowFrame; window frame color

  26. WindowText; window text color

You should check that these are the real values rather than browser defaults by changing the color settings on your computer (in Windows®, you can do this in Control Panel/Display/Appearance, and see if the browser follows suit).