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RichInStyle.com Web-safe Colorizer

The famous RichInStyle.com web-safe color maker. Click a web-safe background and see how it looks with all the web-safe colors as foregrounds. This is sure to get you to the color you want fast. Web-safe colors have never been so easy - in fact, web-safe colors are just a click away. So if you want web-safe color, all you need to do is click and your colors will all be web safe.

Simply click the color you want for the background and then see how it looks with each of the 216 colors as a foreground.

The number in the box is the number you should use; e.g., <BODY bgcolor="#ccff99">.

Foreground colors

The numbers below are those for the foreground color. As an example, you would use color: #000099 or <FONT color="#000099">.