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Personalize RichInStyle.com


This pioneering service allows you to view this site the way you want to view it. All you need is Netscape 4, Mozilla 5, Internet Explorer 4 or 5, or Opera 3.5 or better to start seeing RichInStyle.com in a new way. You can choose to select one of RichInStyle.com's pre-defined styles or you can create one of your own.

You can also download this for your own site (either the whole thing, or just the select between predefined styles option).

Your browser either doesn't support JavaScript or else has it disabled. If it is disabled, you will need to enable it to take advantage of this page.

If it doesn't support JavaScript, then unfortunately you won't be able to take advantage of this page.

Color-based styles

Background image-based styles

Build your own

Not satisified with the predesigned styles above? Want extra control? Simply use this page to create your own custom style.

For example, say you like 'The blues', but don't like the link colors. All you need to do is change the link color below, leaving blank any colors you don't want to change, and your styles will combine with the predefined ones to create your own custom style scheme.

Alternatively, you can build your style scheme from scratch, with control over everything from font sizes to line spacing.

Document appearance

Background color

First you need to select a background color. You can:

Background image

You can enter the internet address of a background image here (example: www.background-images-for-free.com/background.jpg):

If you select a background image, it is still worth selecting a background color, which will be used while the background loads.

Foreground color

Body font

Type in the name of the font you want the document to appear in:

Body font size

Line spacing

Document margins

Left margin:

Right margin:


Size of largest heading

Size of smallest heading

Heading font

Type in the font you want for headings:

Heading color

Heading background color

Outdented headings?

Heading border?

Border width (in pixels):

Heading border color


Underline ordinary links?

Underline hovered-over links?

Unvisited link color

Visited link color

Hovered-over link color

Links being activated


If you are familiar with CSS, you can type in your own CSS rule here (example A {background: red}).

I'm done