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RichInStyle.com test pages: overflow: visible

Test 1

There is a DIV below with a P inside it. The DIV has overflow: visible, the P, margin-left: -10px. As a result, the left of the P should simply overflow, with its left uncolored by the background on the DIV.

The content.

Test 2

In the example below, there is a word that is longer than its containing block. However, the containing block has overflow: visible on it so the element should overflow the containing block. However, the red background should only cover as much width as does the background on this element due to the overflow not extending the containing block width.


Test 3

There is some text below that states 'Some text'. You should be able to see it - no scroll bar. It should NOT have a red background. However, immediately below it should have a red background (Note that this only applies if the browsers supports relative positioning - see here).

Some text.