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RichInStyle.com test pages: dynamic effects - visibility

There is a paragraph that says 'You can't see this:'

You can't see this.

There is a paragraph that says 'You can't see this:', but inside that is one that says 'You can this' - visibility: visible overrides the inherited value.

You can't see this. You can this.

Here is an element with a solid green 2px bottom border. It has an transparent (i.e., visibility: hidden) element below it. To test whether transparent elements are treated in the same way as ordinary ones, it (the transparent element) has been set to a height of 10px via line-height and height (to make sure). It has a margin of 0.

Some content.

This element has a top margin of -12px and a solid red top border. It should therefore entirely obscure the green border, which should be completely hidden.