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Test suite - new version, generated from a database of 2000 tests with results submission and automatic reporting on bugs, etc. 

Netscape 6 - standards review.

Web-safe colorizer - select one of the web-safe colors from a grid to view it as a background, and then see how each of the colors looks as a foreground, all at once.

CSS2 guide - learn all of CSS2 from the only guide on the net.

HTML 4 guide - learn all of HTML from the best guide on the net.

CSS masterclass - how to create perfect style sheets (not for CSS newbies)

MySite - a free script to give your users the freedom to select between style schemes or define their own, with their choice of font sizes, background colors, background images, etc., so they see your site the way they want.

AlwaysWork style sheet - free AlwaysWork style sheets - designed to improve the appearance of pages in all CSS browsers while causing problems in none.

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Styling the Web

There can be no doubt that on the web style is king - while it might be content that gets the visitors coming back, it is style that ensures they take a look in the first place. Fortunately, there exists a very effective means of adding this style to your pages; a method known as CSS, or cascading style sheets.

Now for the first time with you can use the latest technologies with confidence - whereas before you would have been ill-advised to rely on style sheets for styling your pages, you can now afford to use them on all your pages and reap all the many benefits that they bring. This is thanks to's exhaustive bug pages, which detail nearly 1000 bugs, all organized into easy-to-read sections, as well as to its bug table, which provides at-a-glance access to information.

And, if that wasn't enough, also provides help on key areas of web style - areas such as styling of links, effects with margins (such as hanging indents), fonts and line heights, and, most importantly, how to ensure that your styles work perfectly on every browser.

If you still want more, provides free stuff, such as the MySite script, which allows your users to view your site the way they want to see it, by remembering their chosen style and then giving the appropriate style sheet when they view your page.

And guess what? That isn't all - also provides what is without doubt the most complete, easy to understand and useful CSS guide in the known universe. If that doesn't satisfy you, why not learn HTML with's guide to HTML. Even if you have used HTML before, you are sure to find something new here.

But wait! There's more - if you want to see how buggy your web browser really is, why not check out the test pages - they are far more thorough than anything else available.

If you are new to CSS or HTML, I suggest you start with one of the the tutorials. If you are not, you'll know already what they offer, so why not start with the page of your choice.


CSS1 - learn CSS1 now!

CSS2 - the only guide to CSS2 on the internet

HTML 4 - learn HTML


Bug table - all the CSS properties in each browser at a glance

Internet Explorer 3 (195 bugs)

Internet Explorer 4 (203 bugs)

Internet Explorer 5/5.5 (162/157 bugs)

Netscape 4 (250 bugs)

Mozilla & Netscape 6 (86 bugs)

Opera 3 (183 bugs)

Opera 4 (137 bugs)

Netscape 6/Mozilla bug sheet - all the bugs demonstrated

IE 4 bug sheet - all the bugs demonstrated

IE 5 bug sheet - all the bugs demonstrated

Opera 4 bug sheet - all the bugs demonstrated

CSS masterclass

1. How to write the perfect style sheet - always looks perfect, whatever the browser; easy to maintain; quick to download

2. Degrading gracefully - how to support older browsers Cool

3. Cross-browser style - style that works perfectly on all of the browsers, all of the time Cool

4. Lengths - units, units everywhere, and only three of any use - all is revealed here

5. Fonts and line spacing - fonts and line heights that work

6. Manage those margins - tips for successful margins that don't cause problems

7. Color - tips for successful color - what colors to use and how to make sure they work

8. Jazz up those links - avoiding the bugs and general tips


Browser detection - a script that serves the right style sheet for each browser to avoid browser bugs

MySiteTM - allow viewers of your pages to view your site the way they want


Free AlwaysWork style sheets

Web safe colorizer


More than three hundred test pages, featuring many thousands of tests, which will show you just how buggy your browser really is



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