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RichInStyle.com tests: comments 2

URL comment test

Should have a wooded background

  1. {background: /* hello */ url(wood.jpg); color: red}

Should not have a wooded background

  1. background: url(/* hi! */ wood.jpg /* hello */); color: red}.
  2. background: url(wood.jpg /* hello */); color: red}.
  3. (background: url(/* hi! */ "wood.jpg" /* hello */); color: red}).

@import comments

Should be red

This is a control that tests whether @import is supported.

  1. @import /* hello */url(validthirteen.css);

  2. @import url(validfourteen.css)/* */;

  3. @import url(validfifteen.css) /* */ ;

Should not be red

  1. @import url(/* */invalidfive.css);

Attribute selector comment test

Should be red

This tests whether the browser supports the attribute-set selector; if so, it will be red.

  1. LI/* comment */[/* comment */lang/*comment*/=/*comment*/"any"/*comment*/]/* comment */{color: red})

:lang() test

Should be red

If this is red, the browser supports lang - you need to know this for the next tests.

  1. :lang() is ':', FUNCTION S* IDENT S* ')', where FUNCTION is {ident}\(. As a result, although comments are not valid between {ident} and (, they are valid between {ident} and ).

Should not be red

  1. :lang/* */(fr) {color: red}