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RichInStyle.com tests: quotes test

CSS keywords may not be quoted - "red" is invalid. However, non-CSS values may be quoted - "Times" is valid.

Should not be red

  1. color: "red".

Should not be monospaced

  1. This has font-family: "monospace". Therefore, it should not be monospaced.

  2. font-family: Courier New (no quotes)

  3. font-family: Times New Roman (no quotes)

  4. font-family: New York (no quotes)

  5. font-family: "
    Courier New".

  6. font-family: "Courier New

  7. font-family: "
    Courier New

  8. font-family: "
    New York".

  9. font-family: "New York

  10. font-family: "
    New York

Should not have a background

  1. The quotes on this do not match.

  2. The quotes on this do not match.