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RichInStyle.com tests: url() test

Should have a wooded background

  1. background: url(wood.jpg)
  2. background: url('wood.jpg')
  3. background: url("wood.jpg").
  4. background: url( wood.jpg )
  5. background: url( "wood.jpg" )
  6. .seventeen {background: blue url(
  7. .eighteen {background: blue url(
    wood.jpg ); ).

Should have white backgrounds

  1. background: yellow url("
  2. .twenty {background: yellow url("wood.jpg
  3. .twentyone {background: yellow url("
    wood.jpg"); color: blue}
  4. .twentytwo {background: yellow "wood.jpg"; color: blue}
  5. .twentythree {background: yellow 'wood.jpg'; color: blue}